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Ustainable Innovation
Innovation is the soul of sustainable development and the proof of the strength in the industry competition. But innovation is not only the technological advances and the upgrading of technology, but also a complete systematical implementation process of the demand of transferring from the market to the idea and from the products finally to the market; Faced with this newly emerging industry, Jieshi has invested human and material resources to focus on the market research. In the core proprietary technology, the company has established long-term cooperative relations with internationally renowned designers, Jieyang vocational & technical college and many other research institutions, using the integrated model of independent innovation, cooperative innovation, and further innovation after the introduction to obtain new advantages, and has gained praise from Japan and the United States customer. Jieshi has won the market recognition and shaped the strength of the brand with excellent quality and leading edge technology. 

Sincere Service
Only by creating customer value can the company win the brand's reputation. While concerning about the innovation and development, Jieshi takes the specific needs of different markets and customers into account, and actively transfers professional experience and advanced technology into a full range of services. The company adheres to the service concept of "sincere, thoughtful, professional", thinking for the customers, serving the customers, and responsible for the customers. Jieshi has been continuously improving service standards to ensure the quality and flexibility of the service system, providing customers with quality products and providing assistance and strategies,which allow customers to more easily experience the convenience and practicalness of the eco-friendly houseware

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Skype: +86-18824437160 2768697074 sales816@jyjieshi.com